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What Fuels Your Gratitude?

March 3

Two months of the year 2014 have said their good-byes.  Just how grateful have you been?

One Word 2014:  Gratitude


GRATEFUL is my one word for 2014.  Yet, here I’ve been grumbling about the same ol’ things.  I know why.  I’ve had no fuel.  I haven’t been reading God’s word like I know I need to be.  On the days  I read, studied and recalled Scripture, there was a huge difference.  I still had the same troubles, but my attitude toward them was so much better!


I have so much to be thankful for.   So, instead of grumbling about the husband whom I love {and loves me in return even on my moody days}, I am going to focus on God’s Word and let it change my attitude on a daily basis.   Sounds basic, but that’s just what I need, to go back to the basics of daily Bible reading.   I may not get much read, with a 14 month old baby and two teenagers {who also need a dose of gratitude}, but I will ready something from God’s Word every day, even if it’s less than a half hour.  Then, maybe our happy family of five can stress less and celebrate on more than just those special occasions.

In summary, the fuel for an attitude of gratitude is reading, studying and recalling Scripture on a daily basis.  Here’s to a month of gratitude during March.

What fuels your gratitude?  How does it make a difference in  your daily attitude and outlook on daily troubles?  {Leave a  comment.}

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