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The 7 Virtuous Business Woman Slayers (Book & Workbook)

December 11
by Tammie T. Polk
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I have all these doubts in my head. Yet, I’ve always been that way…no confidence in myself. When I worked outside the home, I constantly doubted myself at work. Thankfully, I had a co-worker turned employer, that always encouraged me and pointed out my strengths. Looking back, I see that I truly did have talent and skills. The evidence was in the pay raises and promotions within my workplace.

Fast forward into my decision to stay home with my youngest child. While this is my greatest desire, I still need to work parttime to fund the homeschooling adventure.

As I look into various work possibilities, those same doubts creep in. Yet I have found a new mentor to help me get past those “slayers” as she calls them. In her book I purchased, I related to five of the seven slayers. Yet, I discovered that these doubts, fears, and excuses are just lies I don’t need to cling to anymore.

With the advice of Tammie, the author, I have moved past my broke and busy mentality, realizing my talent can be profitable. I am working on my vision that I now believe in. I encourage you to evaluate the excuses you have. Reading this book will help you do that.

There really is no room for excuses, which have only stolen big chunks of my life. The author, through the book, workbook, and mentorship, is helping me become aware and proactive in making my vision and business come alive.


About the Book

The 7 Virtuous Business Woman SlayersHave you ever feel like life is playing monkey in the middle with your dreams? Do you have a vision for your life and business that’s blocked by the affairs of life? Are you excusing away the desire to do, have, and be more? In this book, you will learn about the 7 Deadly Copouts — called Slayers — that women use as reasons why they can’t move forward. It’s time to Slay the Slayers!




About the Workbook

The 7 Virtuous Business Woman SlayersThis interactive accompaniment to The 7 Virtuous Business Woman Slayers gives you a chance to evaluate yourself in light of what is shared in the book. The exercises found in this workbook are meant to help you to exterminate the excuses that plague your life and business! It’s time to Slay the Slayers!




About the Author

Tammie T. Polk is a native Memphian and married mother of 3 who began writing in the sixth grade. Her sixth-grade teacher told her mother to never stop her from writing, which is advice that she has held on to ever since. Not only is Tammie an author, she is also a blogger, homeschool consultant, curriculum writer, and entrepreneurial coach and mentor. She enjoys writing story style Christian literature for all ages as well as short stories and novels.

Her love of writing can be seen throughout everything she does! Her first book, From One King’s Daughter to Another, is actually a collection of short stories that she has written over the last year. She is already planning her next book. Aside from this, Tammie has been a guest writer and podcaster for several well-known blogs, magazines, and radio shows in the homeschool community and is expanding more and more.

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    Tammie Polk
    December 26 at 10:18 am

    It has been a joy helping you along in your journey and look forward to all that you will make happen in the coming year!

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