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The Bible and Me: Stories With a Message to Live By

September 16
by Lois Rock
Published by Kregel Publications Genres: children's books

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While I prefer to read Scripture straight from the Bible, there are times I need a little help.  I need to grab my little guy’s attention and a big book full of text won’t do it. Picture books are perfect for this.  Books with both pictures and the corresponding Bible story are even better. While I do know the basics of my Bible stories, it helps to have the story right in front of me.

I received a copy of The Bible and Me: Stories with a Message to Live via the Kregel Blog Tours in exchange for my honest review. This book is the perfect solution for my little guy who doesn’t sit still very long.  Why? He is engaged in the vivid pictures long enough for me to tell the story.  That’s my goal … achieved.

Most stories in this book are spread out over six pages. Half of the content is pictures.  I can’t possibly read every single word to my little guy. I can, however, paraphrase the story until he begins to sit longer. Then I will be able to read the full story to him while he looks at the pictures.

My end goal, of course, is to read the actual Bible with him and that means no pictures. But there will be a day that this can and will be a joy to both him and me.

I believe you will find this book of Bible stories to be a treasure in your home.  It retells the true Bible stories of creation through Jesus’ time.  We must be diligent in teaching our children God’s truth. It all starts with the Bible stories found in this book.

The Bible and Me: Stories with a Message to Live By
About the Book

Lois Rock and Alida Massari have teamed up to create a Bible storybook full of inspiration and delight, sure to elicit moments of contemplation. Thoughtfully written, each section begins with a Bible quote and ends with a prayer or psalm that fits the theme of the story to help readers reflect further on what they’ve read. Alida Massari’s richly colored and deeply peaceful illustrations fit perfectly with the meditative theme. Includes twenty stories from the Old and New Testaments.

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    September 22 at 7:43 am

    This looks like a great book for my kids! Thanks for sharing!

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