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Shine: Stepping into the Role You Were Made For by Allison Allen

November 5
by Allison Allen
Published by Revell

Shine: Stepping into the Role You Were Made For by Allison Allen


For many years I wondered was I was created to do. I felt so lost in my career at that time. It wasn’t my passion but it paid the bills. I wasn’t quite sure if I was in the role I was made for. Three years after leaving that career field, I think I know what I’m supposed to be doing, but I doubt myself. After reading a complimentary copy of the book summarized below, I know that I am right where I need to be — right where God means for me to be.

I enjoyed reading about the author’s journey through acting and into stepping into the role God created for her. The viewpoint of an actress was very interesting. I plan to reread this book again in the future when I am questioning where I am in life. I always want to be in the role God created for me.

Shine: Stepping into the Role You Were Made Book Cover Shine: Stepping into the Role You Were Made
Allison Allen
September 5

About the Book

Allison Allen made a career of being someone else. Formerly a professional actor and now a highly sought-after Bible teacher, she knows a thing or two about playing a role. But, she says, all of us play roles nearly all of the time, and it's exhausting. We walk into a room, figure out who we're supposed to be in this context, slip into character, and say the lines we know we should say. We become someone else. Maybe we tell ourselves it's some version of us, but deep down we know this inauthentic role is not what God wants for our lives--and it's not what we want either. With fascinating personal stories and sharp insight into human nature, Allison Allen calls each woman to drop the brave act and step into the role of a lifetime--being her real self, no matter what the critics might say. She gives women permission to talk about, rather than around, the things they feel, freeing them to step out of the shadows and into the light of God's true calling.

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