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Bibleman Bible Storybook by Mike Nappa and Dennis Edwards

November 5
by Dennis Edwards, Mike Nappa
Published by B&H Publishing Group Genres: bible stories, children's books


Bibleman Bible Storybook

My son is a little obsessed with superheroes. I didn’t consider it a problem until he began acting like the angry Hulk (and using the green guy as his permission slip to be angry). I knew I needed to find him some alternatives to imitate. When we received a complimentary copy of the book summarized below, we were both excited. I wish I could’ve snapped a picture of the look on his face when we opened the mail that day.

The book tells all about the wonderfully made up four superheroes and their awesome Christ-like weapons. My son enjoys hearing about them. He is also enjoying the Bible stories as they are told by the superheroes. The pages are covered in vibrant colors and keep my son’s attention while I read the stories.

I do believe this will be the one Bible storybook he reaches for more than any others we currently have on our bookshelves.

Bibleman Bible Storybook (padded) Book Cover Bibleman Bible Storybook (padded)
Mike Nappa, Dennis Edwards,
Juvenile Nonfiction
B&H Publishing Group


About the Book

Hey, hero! Join Bibleman and his team as they adventure through the Bible! Meet the Bibleteam, hear about some of their adventures, and read along as they introduce twenty-five action-packed Bible stories. After each story, Bibleman and his team will challenge you with a power Scripture and a challenge to help you live like one of God's heroes.

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